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I知 Talking to You . . .


I’m Talking to You . . .

Language and poetry are becoming an important part of my practice. Bringing text into my work has given me a way to marry the two art forms I am most passionate about, literature and painting. In this new work I am beginning to explore the language of our internal landscape: private thoughts and anxieties, recurring dilemmas, secret longings, cherished beliefs, unhealed grief.

I’m interested in the things that go unsaid, thoughts that travel endlessly on the by-roads of our emotional terrain but never find their way into our external world; the things we want people to hear or know, but can’t bring ourselves to say, or cannot articulate. Things that can perhaps only be said within an artistic framework, in poetry, novels, or as here in the distorted, disjointed, cloaked words on a canvas.

I believe the language gives the paintings a “humanness”, an element that connects them to the viewer, first through curiosity, then through recognition and acknowledgement of the universal human condition of wanting to be heard, to be understood, even if we don’t always speak the same emotional language.

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Anxious Desire
A Curious View
Defying Gravity I -V
Head Noise
Is It Normal to Feel This Way
Random Thoughts
I知 Talking to You