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Not So Subliminal


This project started as an extension of my I’m Talking To You  series, which layered random and not so random, or subconsciously suppressed thoughts; the resultant undecipherable words being a metaphor for those things we keep to ourselves, hidden for one reason or another.

The idea of having to read between the lines of what people say and what is really going on in their minds in certain situations, the misinterpretation and confusion this can lead to when it’s as though they are talking in a different language, inspired the idea to use a different alphabet as an expression of this ambiguity and to evoke more curiosity from the viewer. I love the decorative element of calligraphy and especially Chinese and Japanese, so with this new collection I am satisfying another interest in choosing to use a loose graphic interpretation of some of their symbols for the imagery.

One of the features of my work is the use of various consistencies of extended paint so that with some layers I have only limited control and can enjoy that element of surprise, the accidental, or unplanned component of how a selected colour breaks away from the boundaries of my own gestures and strokes and creates its own shapes and lines on the canvas, adding to the abstract forms of my own creation. So here, I had the joy of working with some beautiful symbols, but also the new experiences of not being able to lay them down automatically as I do with my own alphabet so that there was the anxiety and risk of botching it, and then the pleasure of creating unique abstract forms that I wouldn’t see until the paint had found its own limits on the surface and drawn its own negative spaces in which I was then able to work in a more controlled way. My love of pattern never leaves me.

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Not So Subliminal I
Not So Subliminal II
Not So Subliminal III
Not So Subliminal IV
Not So Subliminal V