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Lost Text


"In our cyber age, I’m fascinated with the notion of “lost text”, those messages transmitted across the ether, sometimes not reaching their destination, or those illicit texts that must be deleted and consigned to an unreachable, unrecoverable place. Do they go to a bottomless vault or are they destined to float indefinitely in some undetermined techno-space?"    Rosy James 2008

In this series, Rosy experiments with the consistency and flow of the paint to construct text of varying legibility, playing with the viewer’s curiosity, and inviting them to decipher the content and make sense of the patterns and marks.

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A Passage to India l ll & lll
Lost Text in Blue, Grey & Orange
Lost Text in Grey
Lost Text in Cobalt
Lost Text in Indigo
Lost Text in Vermilion
Lost Text in Five Violets